Travel Blogging When My Travel Slowed

I was talking to my parents today about how *funny* it is that I finally decided to start blogging after all of these years of them egging me on to do so. It’s even *funnier* that I’m focusing a lot on travel blogging now when I’m not traveling nearly as much or to as many places as I did in high school and college.

Growing up my family traveled a lot, and I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough. My dad always wanted to instill in all of us a kids a sense of adventure and wanting to learn more about the world. However, I’m the youngest of four, so we started traveling to these cultural places and just awesome places when I was a little too young to appreciate it and not writing yet.

Now, I’m older, care about my writing, but I’m not traveling as much. Minus the whole COVID-19 situation that has really put a hold on my travel plans (I was supposed to go to Sint Maarten and Spain this year) getting older just really gets in the way of jetting off whenever I damn well please.

We were lucky growing up having a dad in a position that he could take us wherever we wanted and really whenever we wanted. Then we all grew up and realized that not everyone has unlimited vacation time and we all just start with the two weeks and even that’s not a given.

Since my parents so cruelly made us work after college instead of just setting up a trust fund (that was sarcasm, I swear) we’ve had to limit family travel to just two times per year.

Although I may not be able to go back to some places for a while or do the things we did at that time, I figured I’d throw together some pictures of places I have gone but either don’t remember enough to write about it, was a quick stop along the way, or maybe I will write about it in the future but I am just missing that day.

Norway – 2017

Las Vegas – 2017

Kauai, Hawaii – 2019

Maui/Lanai/The Big Island – 2015

Oahu/Big Island – 2012

Alaska – 2014 (Gets extra because still my favorite trip)

Italy/France – 2012 (I know, but they’re the only photos I can find)

Bermuda – 2011 (it was just my dad and I so this is our only photo)

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I’m going to end the pictures here but wishing so badly I could take all of these trips again and more. Growing up we took a bunch of cruises to the Caribbean (could’ve been super instagramable) and Hawaii and Florida with random other places sprinkled in like France and Alaska to name a couple.

Maybe one day I’ll have the means and time to do these trips again but I hope you enjoyed some pictures from some of my favorite trips and enjoy my adolescents buck teeth!

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