The Ultimate Guide to Hawaii

There will never be enough days in one persons life to truly explore the Hawaiian islands. This cluster of islands way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have can create endless days of fun in the sun and learning. The Hawaiian culture is rich with the spirit of Aloha, and you’ll find the spirit of Aloha in all of the locals.

Visiting Hawaii is what awakened my sense of adventure within me – there is so much to explore and do, you can’t not be intrigued and check LinkedIn at least once for job openings!

Days filled with hiking to secret beaches and nights at the luaus, there is truly no place in the world like Hawaii. Plus, you can always chase the sunshine on these islands and definitely catch a few waves!

My quick hits for Hawaii are a little different, due to the structure of the islands but rest assured, no matter what island you are on, you will find plenty of adventures.





For Hawaii my quick hits are more like QUICK QUICK hits. There is just so much to explore on these islands. Unfortunately, I visited mostly between the ages of 12 and 19 so I don’t remember everything, but I’m looking forward to finding even more to do at each island!

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