The Ultimate Guide to Florida

Florida boasts the biggest and the best theme parks the world has to offer; but if you venture outside of the Orlando metropolitan area, you’ll find that Florida has way more to provide than mouse ears.

With various keys, national forests, natural springs, and a choice of either the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the surf-able waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida will never fail to provide you with days filled with fun and yes, of course, some sunshine!

Florida may be famous for ‘Florida man’ and the infamous mouse, but when traveling to this diverse state you have a lot of factors to choose from; do you want history or theme parks; beaches or woods; snorkeling or surfing; panhandle or the keys; the list goes on and on.

During my time I’ve explored a lot but not nearly enough. Here are my quick hits of places to hit that I have either gone to or plan on going to:

Natural Springs:


Theme Parks:






Cities to Visit:


I will continually update this post so you can stay up-to-date on anything and everything Florida!

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