The Perfect Rainy Day Adventure

We’ve hit that point in the year where it is either too hot to go outside or too rainy to go outside, welcome to summer time in Florida.

Not so much of travel – unless you count what crazy adventure room you go to – but Escape Rooms are not to be slept on.

My sister, her fiancé, my dad, and my boyfriend were all in need of a new activity one gloomy afternoon and we landed on Escape FLA in Largo. We decided to try The Lost Temple (7/10 difficulty) room – although we really wanted to try the Vegas Hangover room.

I have never been super into committing to be in one room with someone for more than five minutes, but I’ll admit, these Escape Rooms are growing on me.

Without giving too much info away – I know you’re all just trying to cheat through me 😜 – this room is fun (mainly due to the Avatar the Last Airbender crossovers) while also being on the easier to side to make it through.

The hardest part of the room wasn’t knowledge based rather communication and skill based.

We made it out of the room with about six minutes to spare and even made it on the past 30 days leaderboard for the room!

I know this isn’t really something to travel to but it gives you a taste of adventure in your own town while most borders are still locked down due to COVID-19.

With 2020 being just well, 2020, we are getting creative with how we travel. And with so many Escape Rooms popping up all over Florida and the entire globe, they give a valuable option to anyone trying to do something fun while being safe.

Not only do Escape Rooms give you a chance to test your travel detective brain but they are a very safe option. Escape Rooms have been practicing social distancing before it was the thing to do. You enter a room with four of your closest friends and that’s all you see for the next 90 minutes.

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on 2020, there wasn’t much for Escape Rooms to improve upon. Smaller room maximums and just an extra cleaning between room uses really has done the trick.

If you’re looking for something fun to do that does not include getting soaked by whatever the tropical storm of the week is, take a look at your local Escape Room.

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