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With a cancelled Spain trip, cancelled St. Marteen trip, and cancelled Virginia trip already in the bag for 2020 we’re starting to reimagine what our vacation days will consist in 2020.

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2020 had high hopes, a new decade, a baller year number, and who didn’t want to take advantage of all the 2020 vision jokes. In 2015 when everyone was joking with the ‘I don’t have 2020 vision,’ well yeah, I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

This was the year I finally had a stable job so I could take off for all of the vacations my parents invited me on, I was going to be a queen sitting pretty in my villa sipping on dirty monkeys (the drink) in St. Marteen. Well not anymore.

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Luckily for me, eight years ago my sister decided to leave the cold New York winters to attend school in somewhat the Tampa Bay, just the meth riddled part (if ya know, ya know). This quickly prompted my parents to be as New Yorker as possible and buy a vacation house in Florida, because what’s more Jew-New York than that?

I may not be getting poolside service and having my every need waited on by hunky men supplying an endless amount of alcohol but I live in the Tampa Bay, people pay to vacation here! I know ‘Florida Man’ has essentially ruined the state in everyone’s eyes, but we have Disney.

So instead of sharing all of my travels through the year (with a few throwbacks sprinkled in) I will be sharing my travels through my region. I want to show what this area has to offer.

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This was a January jet ski trip to my favorite island

I love where I live, it’s a vacation everyday I’m not working. I’m that person that meets up in the north with old friends and I’m ALWAYS tan, my hair sun-kissed, and getting to tell all about my jet ski adventure in January because we can swim year round.

Enjoy what my Tampa Bay life has to offer but please don’t move here until the Howard Frankland and Vets exchange is updated because my commute is long enough as it is!

If you want to follow along live with me and my drinking explorations, follow my Instagram!



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