Tennessee Waterfalls Guide

Tennessee Waterfalls

Debord Falls Frozen Head State Park
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Debord Falls

Rachie’s Rating: 3/5

Tyler’s Rating: 3.5/5

Distance: 1.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Waterfall height: 12 feet

Location: Frozen Head State Park

Pets: Yes

Rachie’s Review: I loved this waterfall! It isn’t the tallest waterfall – as you can tell from the height – but the colors were truly beautiful. Plus the flow was stronger than expected for this little hidden waterfall! The trail was easy to follow and well maintained making it perfect to take Tori on her first Tennessee waterfall hike!

Tyler’s Review: This was our first waterfall after moving to Knoxville. It was small, but super nice. Plus it has a nice overlook at the top of the cliffs to get some cool shots from above. The hike was fairly easy and made for a great first hike for Tori.

Notes: This is a great beginner hike to get the legs moving! The waterfall isn’t the biggest or best but the colors will amaze you and it is a less crowded park and a short distance from Knoxville making it perfect to get away.

Emory Gap Falls Frozen Head State Park
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Emory Gap

Rachie’s Rating: 3/5

Tyler’s Rating: 3/5

Distance: 2.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Waterfall height: 24 feet

Location: Frozen Head State Park

Pets: Yes

Rachie’s Review: It was a cool waterfall to start out with and a pretty easy trail making it worth it but the flow was not strong and it was set far back in a rock scramble making it hard to get a good view. But Tori did have fun jumping into the pools of water between the rocks!

Tyler’s Review: It was big, but had a slow flow. The big boulders all over made it hard to get around it and get a view. This one would probably be really nice in the spring/summer once there is a bit more water flowing and the greenery is all grown out.

Notes: On same trail as Debord Falls making it easy to do both in one hike! Took us an hour and half including our stops and Tori jumping in the water.

Triple Falls or Bruce Creek Falls or Little Egypt Falls
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Triple Falls or Bruce Creek Falls

Rachie’s Rating: 4.5/5

Tyler’s Rating: 4.8/5

Distance: 1 mile

Difficulty: Easy

Waterfall height: 62 feet total

Location: Cumberland Trail State Park

Pets: Yes

Rachie’s Review: This was one of my favorite overall hikes so far! It felt like we were just in someone’s backyard because it was so chill and relaxed on the trail. It was a little muddy but the falls were super cool and look perfect for jumping in on a hot summer day.

Tyler’s Review: I can’t wait for summer for this one. The Triple Falls are a really cool man-made set of waterfalls with big pools under each one, so swimming is an option once it’s a bit warmer. The hike was pretty light and made for a great day.

Notes: Add on only one more mile and climb Devil’s Racetrack! There is a rock scramble and a steep elevation making the climb to Devil’s Racetrack more moderate but the view of the valley below is worth it!

Abrams Falls Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Abrams Falls

Rachie’s Rating: 4.8

Tyler’s Rating: 5/5

Distance: 5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Waterfall height: 24 feet total

Location: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Pets: No

Rachie’s Review: Tempting to give it that five star but in classic Rachie fashion, I’m waiting to see more! This is one of the most visited falls in the Smokies and for good reason, the trail is pretty easy for the length and the views are phenomenal! Doesn’t get much better than this in Tennessee!

Tyler’s Review: I absolutely love this waterfall. We have gone twice and will be going a third time soon. The trail is fairly light, but gives a great workout and the payoff is beyond worth it. There are tons of great places to set up and snack and also to set a tripod and get some great pictures at the bottom of the falls. The drive through Cades Cove is also a big plus on the way to the trailhead!

Notes: The trailhead entrance is half way through the Cades Cove motor loop which takes a long time by itself and can take hours in the spring and summer with the heavy volume of visitors. Arrive early and be prepared to stop a lot along Cades Cove. Also, we visited a week full of rain to watch this waterfall roar!

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