Meet Me at the Sand Bar

One of my favorite spots to relax in the water for the day with some wine coolers earning, some new tan lines is the Johns Pass sand bar.… View Post

Bear Mountain Reservation – Danbury, CT

The reservation boasts a variety of short trails that loop around the meadow, the woods above the lake, and a trail that even takes you down to Candlewood Lake. The beginning of the trail even has outdoor workout equipment for people that are extra healthy.… View Post

Changing the “Work Life” Mindset

There is SOOOOOO much to experience that the normal work life we’ve all come to know and hate don’t allow for – at least not in the U.S. … View Post

Atlas Obscura Inspiration

I’m not religious but I feel like I look at and hold my copy of the Atlas Obscura the way religious people look at the bible.… View Post

Flying During COVID-19

I’m coming at you from 39,908 feet above Atlantic City and a child kicking the back of my seat. I’m flying from Hartford, CT to Orlando FL – and I’m even wearing my Mickey Mouse mask and USF hoodie just in case people didn’t realize I’m from Florida!… View Post