Savannah Georgia: Food and Drinks You Need to Try

Savannah food and drinks on the river walk at Myrtle & Rose
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The Savannah Food and Drink Scene

It’s become common knowledge that Savannah is one of the few open container cities in America. People flock to the city from all of the country and even the world to sip southern classics while searching for ghosts or shopping at boutiques.

With so many drink options, the restaurants of Savannah have the perfect food pairings for the ultimate and delectable boozy day.

Read below for 10 must try food and drinks spots in Savannah, Georgia.

The Grove Savannah
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The Grove Savannah

A must visit for any time of day, The Grove Savannah, knows just how to fuel your boozy soul.

During the day, The Grove Savannah acts as a classy and upscale brunch spot with mimosas to start your day. They offer up delicious creations including sharables like the charcuterie board or entrees to indulge in like their Belgian waffles.

Once the night time settles in, The Grove becomes a hot stop for all downtown drinkers. With a ground level bar and rooftop bar, The Grove Savannah has the perfect drinking vibes for every visitor.

The Georgia Tasting Room
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The Georgia Tasting Room

There is no better way to start a Georgia vacation than with a Georgia Tasting Room wine tasting. For only $3, you can try six Georgia and other southern crafted wines to get a true taste of the southern coast.

To make the tasting free, all you need to do is buy one of those delicious wines or take a wine smoothie to go as you explore the rest of Savannah.

Congress Street Up Savannah Food and Drink
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Congress Street Up

It’s not a true Savannah trip until you relish in the prohibition style speakeasies that dot the town. Congress Street Up is a favorite due to its low key vibe and extraordinaire bar keep.

Hidden above the American Prohibition Museum, this speakeasy is easy to miss. But for history buffs and spirit enthusiasts, Congress Street Up is an absolute must. No place does prohibition style like Congress Street Up.

PJs Thai Corner Savannah
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PJ’s Thai Corner

Thai food isn’t necessarily a staple of the Savannah cuisine, but Thai food makes any place better. PJ’s Thai Corner was the perfect spot to sober up and enjoy some of the best Thai food around.

The restaurant is just little hole in the wall on the corner – true to its name – but it has drawn the likes of many including Donald Glover, Adam Sandler, and Zoe Saldana.

The restaurant feels like its own little home and the food is so tasty, you won’t be able to stop yourself from clearing your plate.

Myrtle & Rose Roof top Garden Bar
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Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Garden Bar

What’s a trip to Savannah without rooftop drinks overlooking the river? Add a rooftop garden, succulent libations, and HGTV worthy decor and you got yourself Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Garden.

The rooftop garden is part of the JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District hotel, helping to give it an upscale and vacation worthy feel.

The drinks all have a botanical twist and are as Instagrammable as any.

Water Witch Tiki Bar Savannah Food and Drink
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Water Witch Tiki Bar

Escape to a tropical paradise intertwined with lore and adventure at Water Witch Tiki Bar. This bar is located in the Starland District of Savannah, hidden among dive bars and store fronts along Bull Street.

An out of place bar that has become one of the hottest happening spots in Savannah, Water Witch serves up crazy, tiki inspired drinks.

The inside is hidden from passerby’s with a front completely covered in tropical vine, the inside takes you to a fantasy world between Neverland and Skull Island.

The Sentient Bean Savannah
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The Sentient Bean

In a long list of places to drink, The Sentient Bean has the hangover cure. This coffee shop has it all, giant breakfast burritos, vegan options for everything, gluten free alternatives, and of course some pipping hot coffee!

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this lively and crowded coffee shop has become a favorite among locals and visitors. The staff is friendly and has a unique table numbering system (so many trophies), and the food and drinks are delicious.

The Sentient Bean is the perfect start to a day in Savannah.

The Bar Bar Savannah
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The Bar Bar

No day (or night) drinking escapade is complete without a stop at The Bar Bar. This Savannah hot spot is an underground bar located right beneath the downtown City Market.

The Bar Bar is full of drinks, people, and games to play with all of your friends. Now a gathering place of sorts, The Bar Bar is the perfect underground getaway.

The Wayward Bar Savannah
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The Wayward

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix drinks, punk vibes, rock, a hidden arcade, and curiosity all into one? If you have, you need to check out The Wayward.

Located in the Perry Lane Hotel, The Wayward has a classically fabulous cocktail bar feeling with an overlying hint of punk rock vibes.

The perfect spot for before or after dinner cocktails, and make sure to add in a game of skee-ball!

Whitaker's Bar
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Whitaker’s Bar

Hidden in an alley off the main strip lies the bar holding all of your teen angst and nostalgic feels. An emo kid haven, Whitaker’s Bar has made a name for themselves in Savannah.

A relaxed and chill vibe with darts and other games to play, Whitaker’s makes you feel right at home with your pop punk loving friends.

A trip to the bathroom makes you feel like you’re the star of the show beneath all of the dripping and dangling lights, only to wander back into your Warped Tour loving days.

Whitaker’s is an absolute must for anyone that has found themselves jamming out to All The Small Things and basically anything by sad boys in the early 2000’s.

The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar
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Food and Drinks Savannah

The list of Savannah food and drinks spots could go on forever. The city is well blended mix of the southern style cooking, city glam, and open container bar hops.

No city is quite like Savannah when it comes to food and drinks and must be visited to truly enjoy.

Coco & Moss
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Bonus Savannah Food and Drinks

Notable mentions include:

The Bar Bar Savannah
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Bonus Hits

Explore more in Savannah and how to explore with these great tips and trips below.

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Water Witch Tiki Bar
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