Pup Hike on the George C. Cain Memorial Trail

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I recently took a drive up from Florida to my home state of New York! I’m only spending the week here so I have to fill it with things I love, like hiking as I’m sure you have all realized by now is kinda the only thing I do. I was tired of the flat Florida trails and wanted to see some hills again.

My best friends family (yeah, I hang out with more than just Tyler) and I loaded up the dog and took a trip up to the Putnam – Duchess County border to hike the George C. Cain Memorial Trail which is part of the Michael Ciaiola Conservation Trail in Patterson, NY.

We made sure to pick a moderate trail that is dog friendly and a trail her parents have already done so we were positive the dog would be okay on the trail. Which basically meant, no climbing up rocks.

We decided to do the orange trail which is the George C. Cain Memorial Trail. We chose this one because it brings you to a waterfall – well, a New York style waterfall.

For the most part the trail is pretty tame and just through the woods. The only real views are when you cross little wood plank bridges over the stream that barely flows through the area.

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Did not think this bridge would hold my weight

It didn’t take long to get to the New York style waterfall. We let the dog run in the water, I walked across a very terrifying foot bridge that someone precariously placed on top of the rocks, and that was about it.

On our way back we broke off of the orange trail and explored the red trail a bit – just because I felt like climbing the one rock there was to climb. We just followed the loop back to the orange trail through more wooded areas and over a few more foot bridges over the stream.

It was an easy trail but it was a nice morning walk before it got too hot out. If you’re not super into climbing rocks but like looking at rocks, this is the trail for you.

There were many more trails to follow that all connected to the orange trail we were following and could definitely make for a fun day exploring the area. All together, we spent less than two hours there following mainly the orange trail and taking breaks to give the dog water.

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NY style waterfall 😂

The trails were clearly marked and the trail head provided free maps to follow that were clearly outlined. This trail would be perfect for non-extreme hikers, dogs, and people that want to bring children on a leisurely hike. It had something for everyone but it wasn’t too far out of the way.

I will sense, the wood gets dense at times with few geographical markers, so be sure to follow the map, the trail markers, and do not do this hike under the influence.

Anyone in the Westchester – Putnam – Duchess – Fairfield area, feel free to give me hike suggestions or places you’ve hiked that isn’t really a hike but you do it anyway!


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