Ho’opi’i Falls – Kauai, HI

One of my favorite hikes on this island is Ho’opi’i Falls. The trail is a moderate 2 mile trail.… View Post

Huk Beach – Oslo, Norway

When packing for a Norwegian getaway, a swimsuit doesn’t normally come to mind. However, Norway gets surprisingly warm and the fjords and lakes get swimmable in the summer time.… View Post

Red Rock Canyon – Las Vegas, NV

On the outskirts of Sin City lies the lesser known – but still worthy of any hiker – Red Rock Canyon. Vegas has imitations of every other city – the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the pyramids, that’s kinda their thing.… View Post


While I would love to be drinking champagne in France, I cannot be. I have already cancelled my Sint Maarten and Spain trips for 2020 and I’m sure many more 2021 trips will also be cancelled.… View Post

Exploring Murals in St. Petersburg, FL

One of my favorite things about St. Petersburg is how we highlight our artists. The city doesn’t try to hide or cover up the talents of its occupants but rather showcases it for all to see. Everything can be turned into art and St. Petersburg proves it.… View Post