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The Ultimate Guide to the Tristate

The tristate – in my biased opinion – is one of the best four season regions. The summers aren’t too hot, the fall foliage is beautiful, the winters aren’t too long, and then you get to see the flowers bloom again in the spring. This region is one of the best, year-round.

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Check out my favorite places to visit in the tristate

The Ultimate Guide to the Tristate

With hiking, orchards, the longest operating theme park in North America, and one of the most popular cities in the world, everyone can find something to do in the tristate.

Bear Mountain Reservation – Danbury, CT

The reservation boasts a variety of short trails that loop around the meadow, the woods above the lake, and a trail that even takes you down to Candlewood Lake. The beginning of the trail even has outdoor workout equipment for people that are extra healthy.

Pup Hike on the George C. Cain Memorial Trail

I recently took a drive up from Florida to my home state of New York! I’m only spending the week here so I have to fill it with things I love, like hiking as I’m sure you have all realized by now is kinda the only thing I do. I was tired of the flat Florida trails and wanted to see some hills again.


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