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One thing I LOVE about where I live is the surplus of sand bars and islands to hang out at on scorching summer days. The best possible way to beat the Florida summer heat is to get on the water – but like not still water because that’s how you get those flesh eating amoebas!

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One of my favorite spots to relax in the water for the day with some wine coolers earning, some new tan lines is the Johns Pass sand bar.

This sand bar is easily accessible from anywhere on the barrier island and even mainland Pinellas since it is halfway through the inter-coastal but also right inside the Johns Pass drawbridge so you can get there from the gulf side, too!

Plus, it’s conveniently located right next to Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk – highly recommend dinner at The Huts dock then getting dessert from House of Sweets – so you will never need to worry about running out of gas and being stranded out there.

Due to the location combined with where you are heading from, the sand bar is accessible by boat, jet skis, kayak, and paddle board. I wouldn’t suggest swimming due to the high volume of traffic of boats heading in and out of the gulf.

Once you get near the area you will surely see a cluster of boats parked at one of the three sand bars there. There’s one main sandbar that most people go to with two smaller ones to the outside of it that have recently been used more due to people keeping their 50ft on the water distance.

On nice days people use this sand bar to play with their kids, go snorkeling, play fetch with their dogs, grill up some burgers, and chill with their broskis and some brewskis.

Although, my favorite activity is watching all the dolphins swim around the area and play together. Every time I’ve gone we have seen marine life either on the way or while chilling there.

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For anyone looking to relax on the water, or rather in the water, the Johns Pass sand bar is an optimal relaxation spot. They even have floating concerts there occasionally, just not now because well, global pandemic, ya know?

For my Tampa Bay peeps (or anyone really) what are your favorite sand bars? What places should I check out in the Tampa Bay and across the globe?

PRO TIP: If you’re coming from the north, stop at the McDonalds on the Tom Stuart Causeway for McFlurries and fries for a pick me up on the way back.

Peek Tye Tye and I being one adorable couple

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