Your Ultimate Knoxville Date Night

Knoxville Mural
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How to Have a Date Night in Knoxville

We did it – we moved to Knoxville! And what better way to celebrate the move than heading out fun and classy date nights and share them with you! We drank, we ate, we celebrated, we drank some more and now we’re giving your your own Knoxville date night!

Whether you live in Knoxville or you’re passing through the Scruffy City, we have the date night meant for you and your boo!

Chivo Taqueria Knoxville Date Night
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Pre Dinner Drinks in Knoxville

You may say, “hey Rachie, a little heavy on the drinks.” And you would be correct but this couple loves to appreciate a good beer or two.

We are big fans of weeknight happy hour deals to save some money so we try to head out early for some drinks! One of our favorite happy hour spots is right on the South Gay Street – the main strip – at Chivo Taqueria! This place has happy hour specials including $3 off margaritas! Happy hour is until 6PM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy those discounted margs!

Chivo specializes in whiskey, tequila, and obviously some bomb tacos! If you want to stay in one place, this is a great spot for drinks and food!

More pre dinner drinks options include:

Emilia Knoxville
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Knoxville Date Night Dinner

Now, onto the main event, dinner time! But first, take a walk from Gay Street to Market Square and on the way, check out the alley full of murals!

Once you’ve made it to Market Square, your options will open up in front of you! We love how cute and scenic Market Square is, making it perfect for date night!

Emilia on Market Square is the perfect spot for an intimate dinner and great food! This spot is cozy and full of some of the best Italian food – and this is coming from a New Yorker! What I really love about Emilia’s is their vegan options! Their menu clearly outlines all allergens and this is the only Italian place I’ve found with a full vegan dish – with the creamiest of creamiest sauces! They even have a delicious vegan chocolate dessert!

More dinner options for Knoxville date night include:

Market Square Knoxville
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Post Dinner Sights and Activities

Now’s the time to explore this great city! With only a few hours left in the night, we like to take a walk around before getting more drinks. Luckily, Knoxville is a super walkable city with so many places to see in a small radius.

If you’re out on the first Friday of the month, take a look at the galleries open to show off local artists work.

Walking around Market Square is always a great option – especially when it’s warm out and the trees start to bloom. Right off of Market Square is Charles Krutch Park to admire and take a seat in with your love.

If you have your walking shoes on, take a walk down Gay Street and across the Gay Street bridge for one of the best views of the city!

The Vault Knoxville Date Night
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Late Night Drinks

Okay, this one was hard to narrow down to our top option. So I’m going with the place we’ve gone to most – The Vault. This lounge is located under Vida and in an old bank vault. When you walk down the beautifully decorated steps with the massive chandelier you are greeted with this hidden, old time-y but elegant bar! There are bar seats, high tops, little cozy alcoves, and even tables inside the old bank vault.

This place is such a cool spot to unwind with a drink or two and get close with your date.

Other post dinner drinks spots include:

Knoxville Mural Alley
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Knoxville Date Night

Now you’re in the know and can get out for a night on the town! Now you can plan your date night and let me know your favorite stops in the comments below!

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