Huk Beach – Oslo, Norway

When packing for a Norwegian getaway, a swimsuit doesn’t normally come to mind. However, Norway gets surprisingly warm and the fjords and lakes get swimmable in the summer time.

Be warned, if you’re coming from the tropics, you may not consider these waters to be swimmable but just remember, it’s better to dive in fully than to wade in!

During my time in Oslo, my group and I took a trip southwest from the city center to the Huk beach. We were traversed the beach in late June, when the fjord had time to warm up just a little bit.

The beach was like any other you would find in a coastal town, refreshing looking water, a snack shack, and plenty of beach to unwind on.

This beach does have a nude section but there is a non-nude section – in case you are traveling with family or just not into being nude. Just walk to the back of the beach and check the maps to make sure you are going to the part of the beach you wish to relax at!

Due to Oslo having a fabulous public transportation system, you can take public transit right from the city to the beach without worrying about paying for a taxi – just be sure to check the schedule, something I learned the hard way!

The beach is a must visit for anyone traveling to Norway in the summer time. Not many can say they swam in a fjord, so take the opportunity to dive in!

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