Hiking Vettakollen – Oslo, Norway

Just outside and up the mountain, above the bustling waterside city of Oslo, is Vettakollen and Sogsnvann Lake. Vettakollen is only a 20 minute ride on the metro from the city center and offers up some of the best views of the city. Vettakollen is nestled between Holmenkollen and Sogsvann. During the summer months, this area is great for hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

When my family came to visit me in Norway for a few days, we decided a day trip and hiking would give us New Yorkers a good time. We all grew up hiking the Appalachian trail in the Hudson Valley, so it was nice to get a view other than the Hudson River!

When we got off the train we wondered around a bit on the roads until we found the steep hill to the trail.

Once we got on the trail it was easy to follow, mainly because it is trafficked enough so we could follow people!

The trail is moderate but not very long, we hiked up the rocky slope quickly to see the extraordinary views of the city. The trail showcases the badassery of the Norwegians each time another runner blows past in running gear, making it to the top in no time.

The top opens up to a big plot of rocky land to sprawl out on and take in the views of the city and fjord below.

My family and I took the obligatory family snap at the top then headed back down to the wooded area below.

Instead of going straight back to train we followed the signs to the lake which I *believe* was Sognsvann Lake.

The lake was picturesque and sat in the middle of the woods. Since it was summer time it was crowded with people having picnics and letting their children swing into the lake on the rope swing!

I did attempt to wade in but could not make it past me knees – I’m too much of a Florida girl to go in water under 80*.

You could take a trail around the lake or set up your camp for the day at one of their picnic tables or clearings.

The entire area is great to explore and wind down away from the city center. There are more hiking points close by, like the famous Holmenkollen Ski Jump!

I highly recommend taking a day trip out to any hiking trail up in the mountains where you can look at the city but relax among the trees.

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