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The Ultimate Guide to Hawaii

There will never be enough days in one persons life to truly explore the Hawaiian islands. This cluster of islands way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have can create endless days of fun in the sun and learning. The Hawaiian culture is rich with the spirit of Aloha, and you’ll find the spirit of Aloha in all of the locals.

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Check out my favorite places to visit in Hawaii

The Ultimate Guide to Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii is what awakened my sense of adventure within me – there is so much to explore and do, you can’t not be intrigued and check LinkedIn at least once for job openings!

Travel Blogging When My Travel Slowed

I was talking to my parents today about how *funny* it is that I finally decided to start blogging after all of these years of them egging me on to do so. It’s even *funnier* that I’m focusing a lot on travel blogging now when I’m not traveling nearly as much or to as many places as I did in high school and college.

Hiking Up Sleeping Giant – Kauai, Hawaii

One of my favorite adventures and most memorable hikes on this trip – which may be because it was our few hours of rain respite – was hiking Sleeping Giant. The mountain got its name from a legend where a giant lay to rest and has yet to be woken.


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