4 Tips to Managing Your Freelance Business On the Go

Freelance management while traveling
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Welcome to the life of adventure and glamour. Traveling while working and answering to no one. This life is portrayed as all fun and freedom with unlimited potential online. The only thing stopping you from that unlimited potential? The glitz of it all. Keep from getting swept up in the romance of the gig by following these four important freelance management tips below.

Freelance Management Tips

1 – Set Your Schedule

Everyone loves a good ‘I’m going to wing it,’ trip. But when your laptop is riding shotgun and your Fiverr stats are plummeting, this may not be the best option for you.

Being a freelancer means you’re always on the clock. You can turn off your availability online but it’s hard to say no to those loyal clients you built that amazing rapport with. Plus, who can say no to more money?

Whether you decide to work while traveling, keep your availability on or off, you must manage your time accordingly. Stick with what works best for you while working from home, if you like working in the mornings, do that. If you’re more of a night working owl, hit the night shift.

Follow your typing fingers and do what works best for you.

I love drinking while traveling, so I make a point to wake up early, get a set amount of work done, then head out for my day of adventures and drinks without worrying about having to complete anything else.

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2 – Set Realistic Goals

Working while traveling is different than working while watch Netflix in your basement all day. You have actual things you want to do and see, you didn’t fly 10 hours to sit in your hotel room and admire the view from afar.

Enjoy your travels and set realistic freelance management goals. You may be delivering less orders than normal but you will be enjoying your trip.

When scheduling your daily freelancing time, know what you can realistically complete in the allotted amount of time and don’t forget that includes messages and emails.

Make sure to work extra hard the week before so you don’t let too many orders pile up while you’re out exploring the world so you only need to complete a couple a day to stay on track!

3 – Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important in all aspects of life. If you can avoid friends messages until it’s too late to get dinner then you can leave that message until the morning. This vacation is to celebrate you and the hard work you have put into your freelance business, so enjoy your night and leave the messages.

Depending on what website you are using to obtain clients – or what your client relationships are like – it can be hard to put the phone down. But I assure you, your client would much rather wait until morning than have a beer scrambled text to decipher.

Freelance management is all about managing your life and your freelancing business to what fits you and your clients best, so do your thing and answer later.

4 – Plan Ahead

Don’t forget the absolutely, positively needed wifi while working remotely.

A good connection to wifi is a must while working remotely, luckily we’re living in 2021 where wifi is kinda guaranteed wherever you go.

Plan your trip accordingly to make sure you have wifi during your working hours. Obtaining this wifi could mean investing in a MiFi, scouting out the best coffee shops in town, booking a room with wifi, or spending the day at a co-working space.

Whatever your wifi situation looks like, just make sure to have that wifi. Freelancing is all about being on the go, don’t let your freelance management slip away due to a basic 2021 necessity.

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*BONUS* Have Fun

Remember why you started freelancing in the first place. Freelancing is a tough job, you are a one person team doing sales, business development, customer service, and the work. But the freedom makes it worth it.

Don’t drown yourself in work to the point of spending an exotic vacation locked away like Rapunzel. Create the time and put in the energy needed to maintain a successful freelance business, then head out and enjoy the views!

More Freelance Management and Travel Tips

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