Beach Day Necessities

…Or beach hour necessities because Florida summers.

My normal spot in my backyard was overtaken today by the men repairing my lanai. Instead of flashing my derriere to the ten men working back there I decided to venture out to the beach, first time since before coronavirus came in and destroyed 2020’s hopes and dreams.

I live in a beach town but I’m not the biggest beach goer, probably because I’m not the biggest people person. I usually enjoy sitting in my backyard gorging myself with pasta and singing (terribly) along to Disney music. Not as fun at the beach when people can see and hear you.

That being said, when I go to the beach, I make it worth it. Mamma didn’t raise no beach fool but actually my dad is the one that brought me to the beach more in my life.

Moving down here I went through a lot of heartache trying to be that cool girl that didn’t carry anything with me to the beach and sat there looking like a badass. There’s a reason you only see that in the movies because in real life you need to be that mom unpacking a trunk load of items to have a good beach day.

While I may not look as cool as others and it’s a hassle to pack up, I’ve made my definitive list of what is an absolute must while going to the beach.


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My dad bought one of these awesome back packs for our Hawaii trip last summer and I promptly stole it from him until he bought me my own. These little backpacks are a MUST! It’s a nylon beach blanket (heat and water resistant) that folds up into a little string backpack! It’s super lightweight so you can bring it anywhere. We’ve taken ours hiking to secret beaches. My favorite part about it is that you can use it as a normal backpack, too. While not as roomy as your run of the mill string bag, there is still room to throw in a towel, book, sunscreen, and other little items.

i will admit, as I found out today, it is a little tricky to fold back up by yourself. Besides that, if you’re an avid beach goer or even park goer (Tyler and I have used this on the grass too) to definitely get a Beachsheetz.

Sun glasses

This sounds ridiculous but you will not believe how many times I have convinced myself I do not need sunglasses when I really did. I have a new rule where I am not allowed to go to the beach or really any outing with out them.


This sounds like a gimme also but raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to the beach without water before. OR if you brought one measly bottle thinking it’ll be enough but it never is. This is the beach, it’s sunny, you may not be doing much but you’re still sweating and sitting in the suns rays, you need A LOT of water.

It’s even better if you bring a cooler so it stays cold. I do not know how many times I’ve gone to take a sip of water to spit it right back out when I realize it’s about to boil. Bring cold water, keep it cool with a cooler.


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I cannot stress this one enough. I was that kid that was like ‘oh, I’m Puerto Rican, I don’t burn, I tan.’ Then my sister got skin cancer even though she’s never had a burn in her life.

If you can, I suggest getting a separate face lotion. I used to never put it on my face because I don’t need something besides my hormones giving me acne, I have a hard enough time as it is to not look like I’m going through puberty at 23.

I usually use Serious Skincare Serious C-3 Plasma as my face lotion.

Then my dad and I found Sun Bum lotion. I tried this out today and loved it! Super smooth and not greasy at all PLUS vegan and cruelty free, sign me up!


You may think the sunnies are enough but a hat just gives you that extra layer. I also just love drapping a hat over my face to help prevent sunburn.

A Good Book

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I don’t care if I’m with people or if I’m by myself, the beach and books just go together.

It’s the perfect way to time your tanning by flipping over for each chapter you read. Fool proof method, trust me, look at my glamorous tan (LOL).

A book about the holocaust may not be your typical beach read but anything by Erik Larson is my thing.

This is especially a must if you are like me and always seem to end up at the beach by yourself.

All of these necessities are for group trips or solo trips. I know many people are not super about going to the beach or anywhere by themselves but if you pack a bag of just the above items then you can have yourself a day.

I’m a huge proponent for doing things by yourself so I’ve got that side mastered now. Now that I have a *serious* boyfriend I do more with him but it never hurts to do things by myself when I feel like it.

However if you are group beach tripping it and really want to look like a mom then you should definitely bring either a volleyball (beach depending), Slammo, Kan Jam (I’m a pro jammer 😉) , or a skim board. All of these make for great activities where you’re surely to laugh and have a good time.

What do you all bring to the beach? What’s your best beach read? Where is your favorite beach? Tell ALL!

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North Redington Beach, FL

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