I write this in a time of global turmoil. Something new to this world. A time when the entire world struggles together – except New Zealand whom has exonerated COVID-19. COVID-19 has kept most international borders closed, especially to American tourists.

While I would love to be drinking champagne in France, I cannot be. I have already cancelled my Sint Maarten and Spain trips for 2020 and I’m sure many more 2021 trips will also be cancelled.

This isn’t the time to travel across borders.

And while this may be a very ironic and an untimely moment to release a new travel blog, here I am.

I am not letting COVID-19 stop me from pursuing me dreams.

I may not be traveling abroad any time soon but this page is still here to show what will come.

I will also post some throwback posts about places I’ve been around the world and places to definitely check out once everyone can travel again.

Stay safe all.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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